Time online – Digital Sabbath

I first went online in 1996 at Yilan Public Library, and had soon bought my own computer.

I have learned a lot from the Information Super Highway (remember that), I discovered that I was not the only person who thought cars were a bad thing. I found out about Critical Mass, Car Free Days and Reclaim the Streets. This inspired me, and I even tried to do my own.

I read about Peak Oil, whereby global oil production is nearing its peak and will decline. As the principle energy source for transport, this excited me, and boy was it exciting to see the rise to US$147 per barrel in 2007. Transition Towns were rising up, things were surely about to change.

The crash of 2008 was an eye opener, a veritable cornucopia of websites began to spring up to show that the system of money was little more than what is called a Ponzi scheme.

Then along came the School of Life, TED and so many useful tips on how to live.

Lots of discoveries, but it eats time, as recommended on The School of Life, I think I’ll start to take a Digital Sabbath, and I’ll start to do this on Sundays.


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