Surviving the collapse

The list below from ‘How to Save the World’ blog, outlines possible scenarios for the collapse that I believe we in the UK will face before 2020.

1. Financial Collapse

What Collapses: Banks, currencies, the value of savings & assets

Signs of Collapse: Bank failures/rescues, stock/housing market collapses

Cultures at this Stage: Iceland during 2008 crisis

Coping/Resilience Mechanism: Eliminating and repudiating debts, using community currencies, let the banks fail

2. Commercial Collapse

What Collapses: Credit availability, trade, businesses, tax revenues, industrial food & energy systems

Signs of Collapse: Corporations become criminal, rampant corruption, regulatory mechanisms fail, trade and supply chains seize up

Cultures at this Stage: Russia after collapse of USSR.

Coping/Resilience Mechanism: building self-sufficient communities, local self-employment and essential supplies, creating a Gift/Sharing Economy

3. Political Collapse

What Collapses: Law & order, regulatory enforcement, safety nets, power grid & other infrastructure (including health, education, water and emergency response systems and the Internet), nation states

Signs of Collapse: Citizen unrest, surveillance society, scapegoating, rise in totalitarian governments, war and despotism

Cultures at this Stage: Afghanistan & Pakistan

Coping/Resilience Mechanism: creating local, direct (non-representative) democratic or egalitarian anarchistic institutions

4.-5. Social Collapse and the Disintegration of Humanity

What Collapses: Community: social institutions, trust, social cohesion, faith, cooperation; and then Humanity, kindness and compassion

Signs of Collapse: Permanent refugee cultures, disintegration of health care and waste management, endemic diseases, alienation, anomie, inurement, fighting violence with violence, hero worship, personal disintegration

Cultures at this Stage: Ik tribe of E. Africa

Coping/Resilience Mechanism: few or none

Dimitry Orlov’s blog, ‘cluborlov’ is also excellent on this issue.

I try to keep a store of food, water purification tablets and water filter hand pump, warm clothes, bikes, trikes and tools, and I am learning how to grow my own vegetables.

I am considering getting a power generator.


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