A new Magna Carta for government, banks and corporations

I have just watched David Starkey’s Magna Carta documentary on BBC iPlayer.

This, our most famous historical document, has been through many drafts over history, always with the intention of protecting the freedom and rights of all of us from abuse by our rulers. The original Magna Carta limited the power of the King over his nobles, the Bill of Rights limits the power of the King and Queen over Parliament, and the American Constitution protects the rights of We the People from government.

We now live in a world where private banks and corporate power control the system of money, so we no longer just need protection from Kings or government, we need to limit the power of our new rulers; banks and corporations.

Do we need a new Magna Carta which sets strict limits to the power of the corporate system?

I think yes.

A Corporate Magna Carta could lay down basic principles for the government, banks, corporations and the whole system which governs us now must adhere to, with the aim of protecting the common man.

What these principles and rights could be should be a public discussion.

  • Maximum wages must not exceed 10 times the median wage?
  • We have a right to clean air so all ‘external costs’ must be factored into the price of every product
  • All people have the right to a decent standard of living, a job or role to play in either a business or community

We might one day be as brave as the Greeks and vote into power a British Syriza coalition, and this government may provide us with a new Magna Carta to protect our families, our communities and environment from the assault of the Corporatist tyranny under which we suffer.

I know this seems unlikely until we get Proportional Representation.  I love the system of locally elected people representing their constituents in Parliament which the current system is supposed to provide.  But in this age of TV the national parties will always win, as so few people get to see or meet local candidates.

Lets hope the coming election and talk of localism and devolution gets a few more people starting to listen to or engage in the discussion over how to make their world a better place.


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